I, Karolina Prokupek, am a Dog Behaviour Expert specialising in problem dogs. I have 25 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients.

I am referred to as "The Female Dog Whisperer" by many of my satisfied dog owner clients.

I trained Diefenbaker, the canine star of "Due South" as well as other TV dog stars.

I have helped with many Humane Society dogs, breaking them of bad habits, and enabling them to get adopted. I can help you too.

A dog that is not trained properly, will not enrich your lives. Everyone wants a dog who will be a companion not a liability. Dogs learn bad habits easier than one would suspect. Once a bad habit is learned they must be re-trained to "unlearn" it by positive re-enforcement. ANY dog can be trained with proper instruction!

Range of behaviours that I can help with:
* Puppy training.
* Leash training.
* Barking.
* Separation anxiety.
* General obedience training.
* Aggressive behaviour.
* Jumping.
* Tricks.
* And much more.

Methods that I use:
* Use of "Praise" method where a dog is not scolded for disobeying but is praised for obeying.
* Private lessons in your home.
* Private lessons in her home.

Satisfied clients:
"I want to thank Karolina for taking an abused and terrified, rescue dog and turning her into a loving and friendly, family member." - Robert H. Click here for more testimonials from satisfied clients.